Reviews & Testimonials

Ayurvedic Nutrition Client


  “I first decided to reach out to Bess because I had been struggling with stomach issues, and I was hoping for some help with my nutrition. What I didn’t realize though, is that I would be getting SO much more than that. Not only did I get help with what to eat, recipe ideas, and certain tips pertaining to my specific problems, but I also received help with my anxiety which has been a complete game changer for me. I have started learning the practice of meditation, how to use essential oils, and how to really love and accept myself for who I am and be more positive. I would 100% recommend Bess to anyone from someone who has a major health issue to someone who just feels like something is off in their life.”


Intuitive Eating Client


"I am a 51 year old overweight diabetic. I met Bess at a healthy cooking  workshop. I told her I was interested in nutrition help to lower my  blood glucose. I thought she would give me a diet plan telling me when  and what to eat and I was looking forward to starting a new diet and  trying some different than all the other diets I have tried. She didn’t  give me what I wanted but instead gave me what I needed. I’m learning to  listen to my body and to be kind to myself. My blood glucose is lower  and I feel much better physically and also mentally. I call Bess my  nutritionist but she is also a counselor/friend."


Wellness Business Mentorship


"Working with Bess was a dream come true, the support that I really needed to help carry me through my blocks and areas of resistance into full drive, passion and dedication.

Before working with Bess I was lacking the confidence and direction to take my business. I was unsure of where to begin, the order of steps to carry me into the work that I truly desire and the process to take me there. I had a vision, but no plan of action and through working with Bess I was able to get clear on how to take charge of not only my dreams but my life. How my own business isn’t just about the business itself, but the woman behind the mask and my personal development and dedication to myself and craft. We dove into working with the things that were holding me back and naturally it led me to work on what I love, including the areas of myself that I hadn’t fully dove into.

One of the major shifts in working with Bess was the deep realization that it is all possible. That everything I dream of, I can achieve and the small bits of work that I put in now are so vital. I was able to bring a practice of pleasure into the work that I do and notice tangible shifts in my outer world when my drive and motivation was strong. Having the support of someone to hear me and see me through all my struggles challenges and obstacles enhanced my ability to persevere. Knowing that I wasn’t alone on this journey was so supportive and healing. To be able to express my dreams and passions and get it out into the world was a huge step in using my voice and manifesting what I desired. Sharing and collectively putting energy into my goals has exponentially increased its potency in this world. I can feel it more and see it more clearly after the wonderful sessions with Bess.

After completing the sessions with Bess, I have a path, a trajectory of where I am taking my craft and how to get it out. I have the confidence now to share what I have been dreaming of sharing for so long but afraid to speak about at times. The best part about working with Bess is having a compassionate guide to be there with me, inspire me and raise me up to the next level so that I can launch myself into this world full force. No holding back. I have built life long growth and confidence within myself that not only translates into my business but into my entire life. I am forever grateful for investing in myself to unlock the treasure chest of abundance that awaits within and share these offerings with the community."


Rocky Mountain Yoga Weekend 2017


"A few years ago I had the opportunity to join Bess on one of the  retreats she helps host at Ute Lodge in Meeker, CO. Such a beautiful  setting and experience. Ute Lodge is tucked into a remote area of CO,  surrounded by acres of forests, a river, a lake and an abundance of  wildlife. We stayed in cabins on site with yoga twice daily, mixed in  with hikes to some of the largest aspen trees in CO and fields of  wildflowers, and delicious, healthy meals. Bess is a wonderful  instructor. She has the knowledge and passion to help you get immersed  in your practice. The Ute Lodge just adds to the overall experience.        
** And on a side note, Bess gives the best hugs! "


Healthy Cooking Participant


 "I  have had the pleasure of attending Bess's yoga classes, eating her  delicious healthy-medicine filled food and listened to her Ayurvedic  lifestyle advice.

Bess has a down to earth, understandable style and is both talented and inspirational. 

She is a humble teacher with a comprehensive knowledge of what she preaches.  I would recommend Bess to anyone!"


Yoga Student


 "Bess teaches a lovely meditative  HATHA style class that isn't my  usual go to- as i generally prefer a more active style, but when I make  her class a priority I always feel blessed at what i find during  practice w/ her. 

I love her classes as its a great opportunity  to relax and go deeper inside. She has a way of assisting to calmly  surrender the mind and go deeply into the body and present moment.  

I really like her patience and ability to teach movement that otherwise seems daunting. 

Thanks for being an amazing teacher BESS!"