Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient healing systems in the world! It was originally developed in India for common people- those who pursue work, families, and home life. It takes into account all of the complexities around us that are constantly changing: seasons, weather, age, lifestyle, food choices, relationships, spiritual practices, and so much more.

Ayurveda encompasses everything in this life. Everything has its Ayurvedic qualities and properties and thus effects us. Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners realized this and worked to categorize different qualities. They saw that like increased like: cold dry foods during cold dry months exacerbate physical symptoms in individuals who are naturally cold and dry! Balance comes from utilizing the opposite qualities: warm and moist balances cold and dry!

While these ancient systems still apply to today's modern world, it's important to tie in the innovations we've made through modern medicine. Frequently, science proves the efficacy of many Ayurvedic techniques! One of my favorite websites that shows the connection of modern science and ancient wisdom is LifeSpa

Incorporating Ayurvedic practices, food recommendations, and wisdom has helped me find balance in all areas of my life: I overcame disordered eating, learned to listen to what my body needs, and found an inner peace that is the foundation to what I do now. Read others' experiences with Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching

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Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching incorporates the best of Ayurvedic wisdom and specifically tailors it to your needs! 

Find balance, harmony, and deep inner healing!

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