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Balance with Bess

Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching Designed Just for You!

  • Freedom From Dieting
  • Creating Positive Change Together
  • Intuitive Eating

What I Do

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda is a powerful mind-body system developed thousands of years ago to help us get back into balance in a constantly changing world. 

Intuitive Eating

 Tired of dieting, losing and gaining weight, obsessing over food choices, and feeling uncomfortable in your body?  Break free from the diet mentality! Through the Principles of Intuitive Eating, we will bring you back into balance. 


Take action and get real results with a plan tailored specifically to YOU! One size does not fit all- let's create healthy habits that work for you.

Here's the Scoop

Get recipes developed by me and the latest info on health and wellness

About Me


With a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition I not only understand the science behind how our bodies function, but I also have the foundational skills to help people just like you!

One of my passions is sharing delicious food with people, which is why I am also a Recipe Developer and Cooking Instructor. Food choices have such an impact not only on our health, but on our overall well-being.

As a Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor (500 hour) since 2009, I know how much yoga can help as a therapeutic tool. I also provide guided meditations for your to do at home. 


I struggled with disordered eating for so many years before finding a more balanced approach that works for me. I had a lot of support along the way which helped get me to where I am now! 

I specialize in working with disordered eating and helping others find freedom around food choices. Learn to release the control and obsessive thinking about your food choices and appearance with time-tested techniques that work.


I am passionate about delicious food, vibrant health, and treating people well. When we come back into balance with our food and health choices, we have more time and mental space to pursue our life's purpose. There's so much more to life than thinking about what to eat next and whether it's a "good" or "bad" choice! What are you passionate about? What do you live for? Let's explore this freedom together.

I welcome all sizes, shapes, identities and colors of people. All people and their bodies are beautiful!

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